Student Development

Parent Teacher Club is extremely important to our school. In keeping with its mission statement and philosophy, the school works in close partnership with the parents. In our “Parent Teacher Club” we invite all parents to join together and support our students, teachers, and staff.

The school works with parents on discussing and improving academic and co-curricular activities. We also involve parents in planning events, preparing for annual function and other cultural and environmental activities.

“A tailored approach for good education”, single method of teaching cannot suit everyone therefore we combined best practises and various approaches in the best interest of learning styles and needs of the students.

Not every student will have equal and stronger understanding of all subjects therefore the management has introduced facility of remedial classes. These courses are not pre-designed, our teachers take customised approach based on the student’s knowledge, weakness and learning abilities.

Omni International School is emphatic about providing education that is for children and our teaching is always in line with this philosophy and keeping this in mind we offer learning that is interactive and experiential. Our approach and our teaching methodology is a diverse mix of the most recent innovations in education and the old and traditional following of Gurukul.

Our teachers are always in role of facilitators and guide to the students, they are not only responsible for teaching but helping the students to learn. The learning involves activities, audio-visual stimuli, projects and presentations. The focus is to provide best learning and equipping our students with experiences that they can apply to real-life situations.

Every year we asses students based on their academic and extracurricular activities. “The Student of the Year Awards Program” is designed to recognize outstanding students. This is an excellent opportunity to recognize those students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, leadership ability, and shined throughout the year.

The management has prudently chosen a panel to be responsible for the selection. The panel is also responsible for providing a guideline and constant feedback, scheduling competition and conducting an observation process. Following the selection the winner gets a whole year scholarship, from fees to uniform, from books to stationary everything in included in the funding.

The scholarship is sponsored by an affiliate educational support society setup in London, England to promote excellence in education in developing countries.