Smart Classes


Traditional education with modern approach, keeping this in mind the school offers smart class for the students in early learning years. The class room is equipped with modern projectors and interactive boards.

Young kids are natural learners and constantly learning through observing, exploring, discovering, investigating, imagining, knowledge acquiring and sharing. Smart Class unique curriculum emphasises on key areas of development such as language, mathematics, cognitive, writing, arts and creative skills.


Microsoft is excited to host a series of live, online training classes designed to get you up and running with Teams. Whether you’re a business decision maker, admin, IT pro, or end user, you’ll find a class that’s right for you. Join us to see Teams in action, get your questions answered, and interact with our live instructors. To view our training classes on your own time, visit our on-demand end-user training. 

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition or iris scanning is the process of using visible and near-infrared light to take a high-contrast photograph of a person’s iris. It is a form of biometric technology in the same category as face recognition and fingerprinting. They also state that iris scans are quicker and more reliable than fingerprint scans since it is easier for an individual to obscure or alter their fingers than it is to alter their eyes.