Principal's Message

Mr.Mukesh Kumar Gupta

I, the PrincipalOmni International School welcomes you all in our school website.
Mahamata Gandhi once said “Education means all round drawing out of the best in Childs body, Mind and Spirit. As such, education becomes the basis of Personality development in all dimensions – Moral, Mental and Emotional.”


My teaching staffs are always adopt new pedagogy of teaching like Planned Curriculum and create Disciplined Atmosphere in the School Campus. Smart Classes have made both teaching and learning more Easier, Attractive and Innovative with the help of these we made Learning as simple as Game. I personally believe that “If a Plant is carefully nurtured by a Gardener, it will produce best Fruits”. My teachers are not only train them but also motivate how to deal and uneven situations in their life. Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future but a lifelong process which creates an understanding among people.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam often says that Education is drawing out and developing creativity inherent in students. He says “Education is Pillar of a developed and powerful country, besides the most important element of growth and prosperity of a Nation”.

According to Swami Vivekananda “Education means that Process by which Character is Formed, Strength of Mind is Increased and Intellect is Sharpened, as result of which one can stand on one’s own feet”.

That’s why to build their mental strength; students are provided a huge playground to play like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton etc. We have many more indoor games like Table-Tannins, Skiting Floor, Chess and two Swimming Pools – one for Boys and another one is for Girls etc. Through Games they are not only build their Strength but also build the Unity. Our school also provides the compulsory Music Class from class I to Class IX because Musical Training helps develop Language and Reasoning. Students who have early Musical Training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. Learning Music promotes Craftsmanship and students learn to want to crate good work instead of Mediore Work.

At Senior Secondary Level we are running all three streams – Science with Mathematics and Biology, Commerce, Humanities with optional subject Computer Science. Apart from class room teaching, we provide Laboratory facilities – in this sequence we have Composite Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Language Lab separately. A Library is an important source of knowledge of young mind in school. It develops the important habit of reading of Books among students. Our school has a big Library that has more than 5000 books of various subjects, writers and topics. All of us have dreams and ambitions we strive to achieve trough out our life. No matter how big or small these goals are, success in achieving them revolves around the 4D that is – Determination, Dedication, Discipline and Destination. Implementing these four key factors is what separates those that only dreams and those that actually achieve their dreams.

We believe on 2nd one. “We all have dreams, But in order to make dreams come into True, It take an Awful lot of Determination, Dedication, Self Discipline and Effort”. —-Jesse Owens…..