Spread in 4050 square feet, Omni International School’s sprawling and lush green campus is situated at the banks of river “Kuwano”.  Only 10 kilometres away from the district Basti, the school is surrounded by pollution free and quiet environment, providing a perfect atmosphere for learning and brain development. 

The school is one of its kind in the area providing a fully air-conditioned campus, classrooms and school buses. This along with fresh and clean atmosphere and the facilities make it compatible with some of the best schools in the state.

Traditional education with modern approach, keeping this in mind the school offers smart class for the students in early learning years. The class room is equipped with modern projectors and interactive boards.

Young kids are natural learners and constantly learning through observing, exploring, discovering, investigating, imagining, knowledge acquiring and sharing. Smart Class unique curriculum emphasises on key areas of development such as language, mathematics, cognitive, writing, arts and creative skills.

The management strongly believes and takes its responsibility towards the mother earth hence the school is run on the solar power system during the time of power shed.

To be reassured of uninterrupted learning and comfort of the students, a full capacity generator has also been placed in the campus in case of an emergency.

The school has one of the most comfortable and affordable commute offering.

To allow pupil from the dense or internal part of rural population, the management offers 4 fully air conditioned high quality buses equipped with all the necessary safety gadgets.

The school also offers an A/C cab for narrow roads and difficult to reach areas.