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Omni International School is an established academic institution that is dynamic and contemporary. The school offers CBSE curriculum and provides each child with a broad education, through experiencing a vibrant school life that extends beyond the classroom, and provides outstanding academic development. We encourage our pupils to become well-rounded individuals in a modern society. Staff and children enjoy excellent relationships and pastoral care is of paramount importance.

At school we believe in making learning meaningful. It is about sparking curiosity and instilling a life-long love of learning; having the courage to take risks, the confidence to ask questions and the desire to know not just ‘what’, but ‘how’ and ‘why’. We are dedicated to equipping our pupils with everything they need to succeed. All and everything- we do not intend or aim to teach our pupil everything, we do not promise that the students will be master of “All”. However we promise that the student will be fully equipped with a mind-set to face “ALL” the challenges and will have attribute to concur into any field of their choice.

Meaning of ‘Omni’- a combining form meaning “all”.


            Omnipresent- A presence of God

            Omniscient- Knowing everything

            Omnipotent- Having ultimate power

            Omnicompetent- To be able to handle any situation

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