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Omni International School is an established academic institution that is dynamic and contemporary. The school offers CBSE curriculum and provides each child with a broad education, through experiencing a vibrant school life that extends beyond the classroom, and provides outstanding academic development. We encourage our pupils to become well-rounded individuals in a modern society. Staff and children enjoy excellent relationships and pastoral care is of paramount importance.

At school we believe in making learning meaningful. It is about sparking curiosity and instilling a life-long love of learning; having the courage to take risks, the confidence to ask questions and the desire to know not just ‘what’, but ‘how’ and ‘why’. We are dedicated to equipping our pupils with everything they need to succeed. All and everything- we do not intend or aim to teach our pupil everything, we do not promise that the students will be master of “All”. However we promise that the student will be fully equipped with a mind-set to face “ALL” the challenges and will have attribute to concur into any field of their choice.

Meaning of ‘Omni’- a combining form meaning “all”.


            Omnipresent- A presence of God

            Omniscient- Knowing everything

            Omnipotent- Having ultimate power

            Omnicompetent- To be able to handle any situation

Societies and Club
Beyond the Classroom
Sanitation and Environment Initiatives
Societies and Club

At Omni International School, there are a number of societies and clubs to help the students explore their interests and develop their latent talents and leadership promise under expert guidance. Many of these are based on student feedbacks and we encourage the students take charge and where teachers are only facilitators.  Here is a transitory overview of the various co-curricular activities Omni offers for the conceptual development.

Yoga and Meditation club to find inner self and peace. In the age of gadget, social media and start e-classes we promote the old school practise of concentration and focus by regular yoga and meditation classes. 

Sports club to hone their skills and the battle for supremacy. The school offers morning and after school coaching sessions for students number of sports. In-house competitions in the various sports are held round the year.

Science, Current affairs, Computer, Current affair clubs are now a big part of the children development. The platform for their voice and ideas, for their views and standings also provided with a lab for their experiment and innovation.

Beyond the Classroom

Learning outside the classroom is most successful when it is an integral element of the long-term curriculum planning and closely linked to classroom activities. Each year, the campus organise school trips to enable students to enhance their learning with real life experiences.

Every effort is made to ensure that the students explore the world around them to see the things they have learnt in the classroom come alive. i.e. assembly spell bee competition, world culture society.

Sanitation and Environment Initiatives

Omni International School is determined about a change in the attitude and mind-set of students, the community and the city at large. The school has equipped the students to make well informed choices, and recognise the links between degrading environment, poverty and unsustainable development.

We are determined that the pupil must understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in the order to reduce the risk of any contagious infections or disease.